Hand Sculpted Dolls

I have retired.   I am no longer accepting new work.   

LifeLike Dolls are a diverse bunch. From the hot arid deserts of Africa, to the frozen Arctic, I like to create a wide variety of ages, from the very young to the very old. I enjoy making dolls of different ethnic groups. I use polymer clay to create my dolls. I love working the clay and waiting for each little "person" to emerge from the clay, It also allows for the sculpting of the deep wrinkles and fine detail that you will never find in a porcelain doll.

One of my main objectives is to sculpt emotion into my dolls. The designing and hand making of each costume is done using materials that would have been used in the period and situation.

I enjoy researching the designs and searching shops, antique stores, garage sales and anywhere else needed for materials and props for the dolls. Sometimes, an unusual prop will inspire me to create a new doll with that prop being the central point.

©Susan Ware 2018