Handcrafted Collectible Snowmen

Each one is unique from the others. They are handmade with stuffed muslin bodies, mounted on wood felt backed bases. The eyes, carrot nose, and mouth are handmade from polymer clay. They have moss "hair". They are dressed in matching sweater and cap outfits, which I make. They also have a coordinating fleece scarf. The arms and hats are decorated with silk and natural decorations such as berries, silk flowers, pinecones, and Christmas type decorations.

Their sweaters are adorned richly with old jewelry and buttons. Each one has a hand sculpted clay "good luck" Christmas mouse in it's pocket and a mushroom bird on it's arm with a cute little handmade birdfeeder filled with real birdseed hanging from his arm.

These snowmen are totally different from any you will see anywhere. They make wonderful gifts as they can be displayed from Thanksgiving until Easter, or even year round. If you have a snowman collector on your list, this is the gift they will treasure always. The snowmen are about 16 to 18 inches tall and about 10 inches in diameter. You need to see these in "person" to appreciate the detail and workmanship. Various colors are available.

I try to have dark heathers (naturals), light heathers, blues, greens, mauve, burgundy, and ivory, as well as doing requests for special colors. If you have a personal sweater you want used to construct the outfit, or some old jewelry that has sentimental value that you would like me to decorate the sweater with, call me and I will try to do what you request.

Price is $49.99 plus a shipping and handling charge of $7.00 each.

©Susan Ware 2018